Dave Johnson is the author of the play, Baptized To The Bone (Dramatists Books), a book of poems, Marble Shoot (Hummingbird Press/Wake Forest University), and the editor of an anthology of poems, Movin' (Scholastic/Orchard Books). Dave is a Lecturer at Yale University, a Visiting Faculty member of the MFA Program at The New School University, and an Instructor at The Cooper Union School of Art. He teaches extensively in public libraries and with Poets House, in the nationwide Poetry in The Branches Public Library Initiative. Dave appeared as guest artist for The Manhattan Borough President’s inauguration 2006 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. And appointed by the NYC Mayor's Office, Dave is currently serving as Poet in Residence for The Department of Probation of New York City.

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Sister, Cousin, Aunt
(Sorella, Cugina, Zia)

Fresh from it's recent European Debut in Rome, starring the unforgettable Lydia Biondi, this beautiful volume is published by the Italian production company in a bilingual edition (English/Italian). The tough and tender story of three related women is unveiled as they wait for the men in their lives and as they read the discourses of Ovid's, The Art of Love. The emerging personal stories and truly human affairs parallel with the content of the classic poem. Harsh secrets are revealed with a final blow that is even more difficult to accept.

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Bilingual, Paperback | $10

Dead Heat

Select readings (recorded and live) from award winners including: "Ellic Camel Gets A Hit," "You Get What You Pay For," and one of Dave's signature poems, "Cheating," read live at the 2006 Inauguration of the Manhattan Borough President at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Audio CD | $15

Marble Shoot

The narrative poems in this debut collection, set in the Sandhills of the Carolinas, center around the poet's Native American mother and his Baptist, circuit-preaching father.

"Dave takes us home with him and makes his past convincingly a part of our own. His landscapes light up with the energy of those who have peopled the places that compose his past" -Dan Halpern

Paperback | $15

Baptized to the Bone

"Steamy...wait until you see the last scene. ‘Bonny and Clyde’ has nothing on it - AMAZING!" -San Francisco BeyondChron

"Taking risks…mixing a couple of potent ingredients, religion and sex." -Dallas Morning News

Story: Otis, a strapping young man in a small Southern town, is creating a "Gospel Poetry Opera." He is dying to go away and produce the work in New York but has no money and few prospects—until he decides to hustle Gladys, a local preacher's wife. At first, Gladys appears an easy mark for cash, but she has artistic aspirations of her own, and her demands on Ottis soon multiply. What Gladys doesn't know, however, is that Ottis is also hustling her husband, Henry, a preacher. The hustles deepen, complications ensue, and events take a completely unexpected turn. Ottis, Gladys, and Henry learn the hard way, that sometimes, deception gets you exactly what you want.

Play Manuscript | $15

Sister, Aunt,Cousin, Dead Heat,

Marble Shoot & Baptized to Bone

Audio CD, Paperback, Play Manuscript | $50

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